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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Be An Earth Day Model (Giveaway too!)

If you've ever watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, and I have...many, many, many times while singing all the songs much to the dismay of my husband, and the delight of my third graders a couple years back because it is my favorite Christmas movie, you remember that line from the "It Feels Like Christmas" song,

It is the season of the spirit,
the message if we hear it, 
is 'make it last all year' 

Well, when Earth Day rolls around, I feel that this message is completely relevant as well!

For some kids, they never understand the three Rs, or why it is important to them until April 22nd. Then, on that one day they are told how they should reuse things, reduce waste, reduce water use, bike to the pool instead of driving, and to recycle those water bottles or scribbled on notebook papers.  They all make poems or cute pictures about how they love their home planet.  It is a great feel-good day all around as they bound out of your classroom feeling like they are going to save the planet the way you feel you could take on some baddies after watching a Batman movie.

....then the next day they are throwing their wadded up drawings from last week into the trash instead of the recycle bin.  Why?  Probably because the trash can is closer to their desk.

So, what can we do?  Well, modeling is the key.  When you have extra papers that are no longer needed and don't have "shred-worthy" info on them, toss them in the recycle bin.  If a student goes to throw away some paper, gently remind them that recycling would be a better choice.  I have found by doing this and giving a quick reminder, my other students would take on the role of the reminder.  I even had a kids who started picking up the recycle bin and walking around when we were cutting up paper for our interactive notebooks.  It was great hearing "No, don't throw it in the trash, recycle it.  That way it can get used again one day!"  I even had "dumpster divers" who would pick up balls of paper from the trash and throw it in the recycle bin.  

This April 22nd, get them excited about saving the Earth and keeping it a great place to live for all living things...but then keep that message going!  

In celebration of Earth Day, I'm giving away one of my Earth Day Activity Packs.  The giveaway will begin at midnight, and go to April 20th!  Good luck!

PS - I just learned two more Rs...Restore and Replenish....LOVE IT!

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