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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Easy, Inexpensive, but Thoughtful "Teaching Team" Gifts

This time of year things are just a tad bit crazy at school (and at home!)  There is so much going on, and you are hoping that your Winter Break shows up before you run out of energy!

It's also the season of giving, and so many of us have a checklist of things we need to buy or do before our break gets here.  There were many years where I really wanted to give my grade level team a little gift, but because of lack of time and money, it just didn't happen.

So, I wanted to share with you a very easy and inexpensive gift you can make for your grade level team, special co-workers at school, neighbors, or friends and family! 

The reason I like this gift is that it is perfect for teachers (because teachers are on their feet all day), it is easy to find what you need to make it, and anyone can use it (unless they are allergic to peppermint!)  Also, I've made bag toppers if you want to put it in a zipper bag (Ziploc).  I normally put mine in jars, but hey, use what you have or is easily attained! 

I have FREE jar lid labels/bag toppers in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Here is my "recipe" for Peppermint Foot Soak:

2 cups sea salt (I like the fine one instead of coarse, but either will work!)*
2 cups Epsom salt
1 cup baking soda
2-3 teaspoons olive oil (or grapeseed, sunflower, or other similar oil)
2 - 3 tea bags of peppermint tea or 1/8 - 1/4 C of dried peppermint leaves (some health stores have them!)
6-8 teaspoons of peppermint extract (or 15 - 20 drops peppermint essential oil)

*You can use Kosher salt instead of the sea salt if needed!

Supplies Needed:
large mixing bowl
large spoon for mixing
jars or small zipper bags

Step 1:  In a large mixing bowl pour in your sea salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda.  Be sure to mix them thoroughly.

Step 2: Next, add in the oil and peppermint extract, stirring to mix and breaking up any clumps that you see.

Step 3:  Add in the peppermint tea bags one by one and mix.  Use your judgment on how much to put in, 2 or 3 should be plenty!

Step 4:  Before placing your foot soak into jars/bags, smell the
results.  If you feel the peppermint smell is too weak, you can add in more extract (maybe a quarter teaspoon at a time), or more tea!  If your mixture is clumping for any reason, add in more baking soda and salt.  Another fix it to add in a little corn starch, a quarter cup at a time, as needed until it isn’t clumping!

Step 5: Finally, use a measuring cup or large spoon to scoop the mixture into your air-tight container of choice.  Keep in mind that it takes about 6 heaping tablespoons for each foot soak!  Decorate, or simply attach a gift tag, and that’s it!

I sure hope you can make some of this as gifts this year!  If not, be sure to save it for later and download the free jar lid labels and bag topper here!  It is a great gift any time of the year, because our we are always on our feet!